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About Us

JVA Ltd is comprised of Outreach Officers committed in supporting the Veteran Community and Vulnerable Adults who find themselves homeless or struggling in today's society due to sanctions in the Greater Manchester and Salford boundaries. Our founder, David Minshull, is joined by Dawne Daly, John (GENIE MC) Minshull, Terence Carvell, John Fisher, Mark Francis and Paul Hannah to complete the team. Call or email us to learn more about our cause.

Our Cause

It is truly heartbreaking to see so many Veterans and Vulnerable Adults living on the streets. Our organisation is here to provide food, clothing, and sign posting support. We also offer assistance to those veterans, who are suffering from PTSD, Combat Stress and issues relating to Drug/Alcohol Abuse and other Mental Illnesses caused by conflicts undertaken whilst serving. Our goal is for veterans and vulnerable adults we support to be able to live happily and independently.

Providing Support to Our Countries Rough Sleepers

At JVA Ltd in Salford, Greater Manchester, we respect and value the valiant efforts of the veterans who defended our nation and support our cities vulnerable adults who find themselves homeless or financially struggling due to the many changes made by government policies. Our non-profit organisation, together with various government agencies and other associations, offers primarily support to the homeless veterans, we have since April 2016

also offered support and advice to rough sleepers from the local communities of vulnerable adults.

JVA Street Team Salford - Feeding the Homeless

JVA Ltd have successfully been running a Soup Kitchen outside St Thomas Church (Pendleton Church) in which hot food and drink are supplied 3 times a week in the evening commencing from 7.30pm to those in need of support. 

Food is available Mon, Wed and Thur Evenings

All are welcome.

Donations are welcomed at this location of:-

Foot Wear
Coats Male & Female
Sleeping Bags
1 & 2 People Pop Up Tents
Underwear (New)
Sanitary Items

A Secure Life for Our Veterans

David Minshull

Our Founder understands the aspect of homelessness as he was homeless for a year until a Veterans Organisation in Nottingham stepped in and offered support. Through the undertaking period of street life, this inspired himself to become involved in offering support  He saw the challenges that veterans who leave service undergo in adjusting to the transition and  Veterans and  Vulnerable Adults who become homeless caused by many reason,  undertake to move forward and the obstacles they come across. Through life experiences and knowledge obtained whilst volunteering with the organisation who supported  him,  JVA Ltd was launched in his home City of Salford.

As a veteran himself, David understands the hardships that veterans undertake in the transitions to civilian life. He went through the same difficulties of transition after service and also through experience of homelessness himself understands the obstacles that Vulnerable Adults suffer whilst trying aspire to move forward in their lives, with help from our team of outreach volunteers, we hope to reduce homelessness within our cities boundaries and assist our homeless to move forward to a better quality of life. 

Dawne Daly

Coordinating Director has been working with the homeless community throughout her childhood days to present date. Her parents (deceased) coordinated the very first hostel in Salford as a retainer hostel.  She has the experienced homelessness throughout her years due too misfortunate circumstances and understands the obstacles the homeless community undertake whilst aspiring to re-organise their lives back into society.

John Roy Minshull (Genie MC)

Director, John himself a veteran from the Army has followed his father David into supporting veterans and has aspired to promote the organization via radio in his employment as a MC/DJ through minshull entertainments. 

Our organisation coordinates with other agencies offering support for homelessness in Salford and Greater Manchester. For any enquiries, feel free to contact us by giving us a call or sending us an email to

Wrist Band Identification

JVA Ltd  launched a new wrist band (green) in Sep 2016 that is given to support those in need by details showing  the Joint Veteran Alliance Company Name and an Emergency Number 07568394636 which is contactable 24/7. This is to assist  those wearing to present  when they may  need assistance by presenting the wrist band,  when they have no means of contact due to "lack of funds". This has been launched to  the GMP, NHS and is being shown to agencies and members of the  public.    

Get Involved

Support our volunteers who dedicate their time (unpaid) by giving donations of Pop Up Tents, Sleeping Bags, Coats, Boots and Trainers, Underwear and Socks and toiletries to offer those in need. (All donations can be collected or dropped at our Soup Kitchen on Mon, Wed and Thur evening at 7.30pm (St Thomas Church (Pendleton Church) Salford. Our organisation encourages government agencies and businesses to support us in this noble cause. We look forward to your support.

Areas We Serve

Salford (Veterans and Vulnerable Adults)

Greater Manchester (Veterans Only - Referrals)

New Sponsors and Associates

JVA Team have been busy, we have made contact with 71 Clients  of which 19 veterans, who have been referred and 49 vulnerable adults which we have been busy assessing them for their needs of accommodation, relocation and review of welfare benefits and pensions (Aug 17).  Several companies have offered their sponsorship by supporting us by being collections points for clothing/food and donations/advertising and fundraising events.

these include:-

Antz Junction


Veterans Garage, Irlam

Care Chiefs Nursery (Little Hulton)

P4P Photography (Salford),

St Georges 1968 Club (Macclesfield)

Bidfood, Salford

NHS Team (Joan Bolton)

The Church Inn, Salford


We would like to thank these companies for their continuous support.  We are hoping that other companies will come on board if you can assist contact Dave or Dawne on 


Susan Taylor (Magistrate)
Dave is an ex professional soldier who has carried on his professionalism into his civilian life. He is energetic and meticulous in his work. He is tireless in working to feed, cloth and house the homeless ex veterans and others living rough on the streets of Salford and Manchester. His well homed planning skills, eye for detail and determination to succeed, not only for himself but for others too, make him an exceptional person. He also has the sort of personality that encourages others to help and gives hope to those who need it; a great person to have on your side and a man you would be happy to work with."
Tony Salvin Owner/ Director -

I have known Dave for over 30 years in the Armed forces and as a very good friend, he puts a lot of effort and determination in helping Ex Forces Personnel gaining work experience and finding them accommodation, he is a asset to those that he supports.

Michelle Barnes Councillor

Salford Council

I have never met another couple as special as  Dave and his better half Dawne Daly who devotes their entire life to JVA Ltd helping our most needy and vulnerable. They go above and beyond to assist these people and they so deserve an award their a pair of Angels sent from God. 

Kelvin Muthoka Mutua - Homeless Person    


Thanks for everything JVA Ltd I owe you my life. 

Stuart Bratt - Detox Programme


Having been offered support by JVA Team, I have undergone detox  which has been very eye opening and hopefully will change my life after 22 years of alcohol abuse, He made the item below as a thank you.

Colin Grimshaw and Paul Messenger set of early Sunday 3rd July 2016 from Antz Junction, Salford to Southport Cenotaph to raise awareness  to support veterans from Salford and Manchester who are homeless or in need of support.  It was a excellent day they covered 43 miles in just over 4 hours,   Well done Colin & Paul. 

Contact Us


Room 7c , Unit 10

Junction Eco-Park

Rake Lane


Lancashire M27 8LR

Phone: 07568394636


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Service Users Supported of the Street's -2016

These are some of the people that JVA Lts have supported through 2016 with hostels and  re-housing from the streets to assisting getting benefits and referral to medical agencies, these people are a mixture of veterans and vulnerable adults supported, they have received through donations supplied by the general public furniture, clothing and food support.  JVA Ltd continues it work beyond them being re-housed by offering friendship and continues support. The family of JVA Ltd is growing daily help us help them.


Homeless Video's for viewing